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I have a Zojirushi BB-CEC20 breadmaker and I love it. My husband loves it too and he makes regular bread loaves that always turn out beautifully. I have been frustrated because I have not been able to make bread that was of good consistency, until recently.

Now that my bread has turned out well the last three times, I am ready to post my recipe here, which I am sure will change over time as I keep getting better at making gluten free bread. Gluten and wheat flour have amazing properties that cannot be duplicated, but I am getting better at mimicking some of the properties.


Prep time
Cooking time


  • 2 cups water or almond or soy milk or regular milk

  • 4 eggs, beaten

  • 1/3 cup butter or olive oil

  • 2 cups rice flour

  • 2 cups corn flour

  • 1 cup tapioca or cassava flour or starch

  • 1/2 cup ground flax seeds

  • 1/2 cup chia seeds

  • 3 tablespoons sugar

  • 2 tablespoons active dry yeast


  • Create your own program on the machine for Gluten Free Bread as follows: 18 minutes of WARM, 20 minutes of KNEAD, 50 minutes of RISE and 1 hour and 10 minutes of BAKE. If you are not using a breadmaker, ignore this step.
  • Warm the liquid to room temperature. Melt the butter and beat the eggs. Combine the liquid ingredients.
  • Place the breadpan in the bread machine. Pour the water, oil, and eggs into bread machine baking pan. Mix dry ingredients and add to the baking pan. Add yeast on top. Select the created program for the gluten free bread. Let it complete the cycle. (You may need to adjust either the liquid or flour depending on the humidity, flour brand etc.)
  • (If you are not using the machine or you live in a dry climate do the following: place a pan of water at the bottom of your oven and heat the temperature to 200 degrees. Once the oven is at 200 degrees, turn it off and leave the pan in the oven. Try not to open the oven door so the moisture evaporating from the pan will stay in the oven. When the breadmaker has completed the KNEAD cycle, remove the breadpan and place it in the oven and allow the bread dough rise. Once it has risen, heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake until the bread is done)
  • Remove the bread from the pan and allow to cool before cutting. Enjoy!

This is my latest loaf and it is getting pretty close to normal bread consistency and texture, but I still have a muffin top every time.

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