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Pernil or Roast Pork Shoulder


I have been hesitating to try cook in styles where they traditionally use a lot of onions or garlic. However, an occasion arose where I just had to try to make a pork roast in Puerto Rican style. I looked up recipes and they all called for onions and garlic, […]

Main, Meat

Korean Style Beef


I recently made a dish that my husband loved, a shaved beef dish that is based on Korean Bulgogi recipe, but I made so many substitutions that I don’t think I can call it Korean anymore. Anyhow, it turned out really well, and it is so simple to make. Instead […]

Baked goods, Desserts

Jelly Roll


Jelly roll is one of those confort foods/sweets that I remember from childhood. My sisters and I would make them frequently on a Sunday afternoons, but we made them with regular wheat flour. I did not make one for a long time after realizing I could not eat gluten and […]

Meat, Soups



Gumbo is one of those comfort foods from south Louisiana that people would typically make after Thanksgiving or Christmas. After eating the meat from a turkey, the carcass would end up in a large Dutch oven and it would be turned into this delicous comfort food, either turkey and sausage […]

Sides, Vegetarian

Roasted Cauliflower


I got an Air Fryer for Christmas and I am trying out new recipes. I had heard from many people that the Air Fryer is one of the best kitchen equipment around, you can get the flavor of fried food without the fat and you can cook all kinds of […]

Desserts, Vegan

Chocolate Fudge


I have been making chocolate fudge for many years for Christmas and the recipe I have been using is a Million Dollar Fudge which evidently comes from the Fannie Farmer cookbook first published in 1896. I got my recipe from Bayou Cook Book which was first published in 1967. My […]

Main, Vegan

Vegan spaghetti sauce


This came about because I have some family members who are vegan and also onion and garlic intolerant. I had pondered for some time what vegetables to use in place of meat, and since we had some eggplants in the garden, I decided to use eggplant in the sauce in […]


Eggplant “Meatloaf”


I am interested in making dishes that can be used in place of meat in a meal and I thought about using eggplant in making a meatloaf. I never make a regular meatloaf, but I thought I could make a vegetarian version of it. We have a garden and some […]


Cooking with Indian spices


I have cooked Indian food for a long time and I had some excellent tutors along the way. The one important thing with Indian food is that the spices have to be added in a particular order and they need to be sautéed in hot oil or ghee until they […]